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The Sitting Room
Joy Sanders in The Sitting Room


Elaine’s young niece Annabelle doesn’t think much of her aunt. Far as she’s concerned Aunt Elaine is just plain selfish. Just an old hippy failing to make provision for her old age and expecting the state to look after her. But will the state look after her that’s the question Elaine finds herself asking after watching her mother die in a care home. What will care for the elderly be like when she comes to need it. And is Annabelle right to be angry? Should the young end up paying for the old?

The Sitting Room puts a human face on the facts. Today for the first time in history, Britain’s over-65s outnumber people under the age of 16. Over 85s are the fastest growing group. Today 1.2 million pensioners have no income but the state pension plus benefits and it takes 4 people of working age to support each pensioner.

Within a few minutes the play touches a chord... the audience threw themselves into an energetic discussion - testament enough to the effect of what they had just seen… British Theatre Guide



The NHS promises equal health care for all. So how is that someone with learning disability too often dies 20 years earlier than the rest of the population? That’s the crucial question asked by Operating Theatre in its play For The Best.

The play, has been performed at major events in Birmingham, London and Leeds and most recently at the Expo 15 in Manchester, the biggest event in the NHS calendar.

‘Thought-provoking.. incredibly moving… poignant and unavoidable theatre…
A powerful story… I’m still shaking from it…’

To enquire about booking The Sitting Room or
For the Best or any other Operating Theatre play:
Tel: 0191 252 9713/ 07845 112474

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