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Elaine’s niece Annabelle doesn’t think much of her aunt. Just plain selfish as far as Annabelle is concerned. An old hippy expecting the state to take care of her, that’s Elaine according to Annabelle. But will the state look after her. That’s the question Elaine finds herself asking. What will health care be like in twenty years time for the old peace and love people like her who’ve never saved for their old age...?

Arts Centre Washington, September 16: 1.30 pm and 7.30 pm.

1.30pm (The Sitting Room only): £3.50
7.30pm (The Sitting Room + For the Best)
£8.50 / £6 (online) / £9.50 / £7 (box office)

Booking: www.artscentrewashington.co.uk

The Sitting Room


Operating Theatre has been invited to appear at the Health and Care Innovation Expo 2015 in Manchester with its play, For the Best, the first time a theatre company has been asked to perform at the event.

The biggest date on the health and care calendar, NHS Expo attracts some 5000 people a day from health and care, from the voluntary sector, local government, and industry.

Designed to share ideas and innovation to transform health and care services, NHS Expo 2015 features influential speakers, among them NHS England Chief Executive Simon Stevens. It also offers a number of workshops and learning events which this year will include two performances of For The Best.

The invitation from Expo 2015 came after a series of successful performances of For the Best at NHS and other events, most recently in London and Leeds as part of Learning Disability Week. The play explores the question of primary health care for people with learning disability, and why it is that such people die an average of twenty years before the rest of the population, this in a country that prides itself on equal health care for all.

‘Amazingly fluent, poignant and unavoidable theatre…thought-provoking…emotional and incredibly moving…’

‘Fantastic.. the passion with which the story was delivered was wonderful...’

To enquire about booking for For the Best: operatingtheatre@inbox.com

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