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‘Incredibly moving…  ’ Jane Cummings, Chief Nursing Officer, England

‘Really powerful..’ Ann Chivers, Chief Executive, British Institute of Learning Disability

Very thought-provoking’ Lisa Molloy, Disability Partnership

Welcome to Operating Theatre. We provide bespoke theatrical experiences that can transform the way people think about health and well being. We have twenty years of experience of responding to commissions and creating original and authentic drama for live performance as well as on film.

We are embarking on a year-long campaign to highlight and challenge health inequalities. To learn more go to A NATION DIVIDED kindly published by The Morning Star. Look out for more information about what we hope to achieve in the coming weeks. If you are interested in getting involved then please contact us at operatingtheatre@inbox.com

Deep Mind, a powerful drama commissioned by the Institute of Neuroscience at Newcastle University and supported by the Wellcome Foundation

‘Just watched this wonderful film online…

wanted to say how much I admire the thinking and the work behind it’

Zanna Beswick, script editor, producer The Bill, Ackley Bridge, When the Boat Comes In


The race is on for the Golden Key, the tool which will revolutionise the treatment of human disease, diagnosing more quickly and efficiently, establishing what drugs will work and what will not, eradicating error. PNN have been working on Apogee for the last twenty years. Now they believe they’re ready.

But with an important press conference coming up, disagreements about the future of Apogee have started to surface. Important and difficult decisions need to be made. Who will get the Key? Who should it be given to? Who will benefit and who will not?

Thanks to all those that joined us for the screening and panel discussion of the short film ‘Deep Mind’ on the 3rd December 2020 and the wonderful discussion with over 70 RSA fellows in February.

Thanks also to Professor Andrew Jackson, professor of neural interfaces and co-PI of the CANDO project and Dr Semande Ayihongbe, lecturer in law at Newcastle University who made it a lively and fascinating insight into the future of medical technology.

Thanks to Ali Pritchard and all of the team at Alphabetti Theatre for welcoming us. We hope to return to this great venue very soon.


Alex Elliott – Artistic Director Carol Clewlow – Producer

What a Piece of Work was commissioned by the CANDO project to mark the opening of the Illuminating the Self exhibition at the Hatton Gallery which features the work of Andrew Carnie and Susan Aldworth. Andrew very kindly agreed to us using his images for our piece.


We deliver plays, monologues, theatre based workshops, training films and educational events. We have worked with all sorts of organisations and healthcare professionals and know that what we do helps to make a difference. Our Script Service page is a good place to go for more information

Contact us to discuss your project, in confidence, and we will be happy to use our experience to craft a proposal that best suits your needs. We believe health and well being concerns us all and better health comes through collaboration. Let’s get started.