We are delighted to be working with some very talented and dedicated professionals on a piece for Newcastle Hospitals Nursing Conference, which celebrates the achievements of the hundreds of nurses that deliver outstanding care to many thousands of patients in Newcastle upon Tyne and beyond. These are challenging times for the Trust and the NHS in general and the future is certain to require that nurses adapt, as they always have, to the demands of a service which is essential for so many. We have produced a draft version and look forward to developing the piece in collaboration with the organisers of this annual event.

On March 23 we performed Squirrels at the Woodhorn Colliery Museum for an event organised by Cygnus Support which provides support and services for the health and well being of women, men and young people. Cygnus Support were launching their new branding and meeting with their partners to discuss the next phase of their service development. It was an inspiring and informative session and we look forward to collaborating with Cygnus Support in the future.

Squirrels takes a long hard look at how some young people who are experiencing mental illness are left to fend for themselves. Left to their own devices in this situation, a band of friends form their own self-help group.

Squirrels is just one of the plays currently in our repertoire which can be booked for performance.