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Welcome to Operating Theatre. We provide bespoke theatrical experiences that can transform the way people think about health and well being. We have over fifteen years of experience of responding to commissions and creating original and authentic drama for live performance as well as on film.

We deliver plays, monologues, theatre based workshops, training films and educational events. We have worked with all sorts of organisations and healthcare professionals and know that what we do helps to make a difference. Our clients tell us this on a regular basis.

You can contact us to discuss your project, in confidence, and we will be happy to use our experience to craft a proposal that best suits your needs. We believe health and well being concerns us all and better health comes through collaboration. We would love to hear from you.


We would like to thank the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh for hosting ICONS, a day long event dedicated to improved Shared Decision Making and Informed Consent. The room was full of highly experienced and committed surgeons who shared their views and literally rolled their sleeves up to address the challenges true SDM poses. We will be producing some short films this year with RCSEdinburgh and have lots of material to work with.

We are also delighted to be working with some outstanding researchers who are engaged in a pioneering treatment for epilepsy. CANDO have been awarded funding by Wellcome to expand their public engagement.  They will be working with internationally renowned artists Susan Aldworth and Andrew Carnie to develop workshops, virtual reality technology and mobile pop up events to showcase the science behind CANDO. The human impact of epilepsy will be at the heart of Operating Theatre’s collaboration and we look forward to working hand in hand with the CANDO team. Taking place over the next three years, it will culminate in art exhibitions at Hatton Gallery and Vane Gallery in Newcastle upon Tyne in 2020. Find out more here

We are also engaged in the process of putting all of our films online. You can view Going Under a touching portrait of the consequences of clinical error by going to the FILM page.

We recently celebrated the incredible work nurses and midwives do by presenting a new commission ‘A Serious Incident’ at the Newcastle Hospitals 19th Annual Nursing and Midwifery Conference. It was a fantastic experience for us. Stimulating, challenging and humbling too. The commissioners wrote to us after the event to say:

‘We are all still on a high… it has been a real pleasure to work with you… you helped us hold our nerve when we were a bit scared and took fledgling ideas and created something that resonated so well with the audience. It was amazing to see..’

Frances Blackburn, Deputy Director of Nursing and Patient Services Freeman The Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

We have been busy on several projects this year and are delighted to announce that, as part of the THINK SAFE programme, our series of comedy sketches on Patient Safety,    ‘Whose Leg is it Anyway?‘, is now available to everyone. It’s a great way to get the conversation started about patients’ involvement in their own safety.

‘highly engaging, interactive and most importantly thought provoking…’  Dr Richard Cooper,  Head of Northern School of Radiology

The website has a free resource pack for you to download.

You can watch the full length film (24 mins) here.  Enjoy



Recent Posts


We are delighted to be working with some very talented and dedicated professionals on a piece for Newcastle Hospitals Nursing Conference, which celebrates the achievements of the hundreds of nurses that deliver outstanding care to many thousands of patients in Newcastle upon Tyne and beyond. These are challenging times for the Trust and the NHS in general and the future is certain to require that nurses adapt, as they always have, to the demands of a service which is essential for so many. We have produced a draft version and look forward to developing the piece in collaboration with the organisers of this annual event.

On March 23 we performed Squirrels at the Woodhorn Colliery Museum for an event organised by Cygnus Support which provides support and services for the health and well being of women, men and young people. Cygnus Support were launching their new branding and meeting with their partners to discuss the next phase of their service development. It was an inspiring and informative session and we look forward to collaborating with Cygnus Support in the future.

Squirrels takes a long hard look at how some young people who are experiencing mental illness are left to fend for themselves. Left to their own devices in this situation, a band of friends form their own self-help group.

Squirrels is just one of the plays currently in our repertoire which can be booked for performance.

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