Operating Theatre’s repertoire contains plays on a wide variety of subjects concerning many aspects of health and wellbeing, and is listed below by subject matter. Further information, including production costs, is available for all the plays. Dramas can be adapted to address specific requirements and all can be presented on their own or with an accompanying workshop to explore particular issues. Operating Theatre is also always available to provide commissioned work.

Patient Safety

Whose Leg is it Anyway?

The findings of a patient safety study carried out by Susan Hrisos and Richard Thomson of Newcastle University interpreted as a series of comic sketches highlighting the different and sometimes difficult aspects of communication between patient and clinician, and in particular the need to engage patients in their own care.

Sketches are available for showing in workshops etc, or if necessary performed live. They can be seen on the Operating Theatre website:

Alcohol abuse:

The Woman Who Wasn’t There

A woman dies of the effects of alcohol in the midst of what appears to be a loving family. How can that happen and whose fault is it?

Room 208

A ‘social drinker’ to his annoyance finds himself in heaven in an area reserved for those who have died of liver failure.

Wrong Time Wrong Place

A play about the violence that too often accompanies alcohol abuse. A nurse working in an A and E department gives the valedictory address at the funeral of the son of friends,  an innocent young man caught up in an incidence of late night violence

                                    Anorexia/ Young mental health

Letters Home

A mother is driven to using pen and paper to try and communicate with her daughter who suffers from an eating disorder.


A solo piece highlighting the lack of help for young people suffering from mental health problems

                                    Acquired Infection

The Human Touch

A male patient in hospital who has contracted MRSA finds himself isolated and paranoid. He also finds himself with Florence Nightingale for company.


The Real McKoi

A motivational play for schools designed to encourage young people to aim for success in their education, future careers and their lives


A Christmas Story

Having to break bad news is part of a doctor’s life. Is there a good way and a bad way to do it?

I’m Just On Me Way Out

The pitfalls of communicating with patients, particular when a health professional decides to use the phone.


Lower Than the Surrounding Surface

Depression affects doctors as well as patients as a GP has to acknowledge dealing with a young depressed student.

                          Dialysis/Kidney Transplant

Crash Lander

A patient on dialysis talks about her life awaiting a kidney transplant

(also available on film)

                                   Embarrassing bodies

Right.. ok.. um.. the thing is..

Some ailments are frankly embarrassing with the potential for producing a difficult situation for both patient and a young doctor..

Black leather Seats and Big Bose Sound

A young man covers his embarrassment at being treated by a female physiotherapist by making inappropriate suggestions…


Three Across Two Down

A play not just about recognising talent and harnessing it but about the whole business of conferences, campaigns and management speak!

                                    Learning Disability

Little Goody Blue Shoes

A woman who has just given birth to a Down’s Syndrome child is faced with a tick- boxing health visitor

Out of Sight..?

An encounter between the mother of a young man abused in a hospital for the learning disabled, a care-worker who took part in the abuse and the commissioner who handed out the contract to the hospital.

Now available as a DVD and a learning package

For the Best..?

A young care worker is devastated when the patient with learning disability she has become fond of dies after failing to get the health check she should have had from her GP.  


A Fair Cop

A devoted couch potato settling down to his beer and crisps finds himself the subject of a raid by the Exercise Police

So Sue Me

An overweight woman aims to win cash in a TV show to sue the company who made the ‘ slimming foods’ that made her fat.

The Refusenik

An elderly patient robustly defends her right to treats.. even if they’re not good for her.

                                    Medical Error

White Lies

A potentially fatal error occurs in the ante-natal ward of a hospital. What can and should be done to ensure it doesn’t happen again?

Going Under

Available only as a DVD. A 20-minute film concerning a patient who dies after what should have been a simple operation. As well as highlighting the combination of administrative and clinical failures that led to the man’s death, the film also deals with the effect of a death on a family.

                                    Nursing Care

A Serious Incident

An inquiry into a patient’s pressure sore becomes an exploration of the nursing issues involved in in the care of elderly patients and the way that these can be legally exploited


The Salt of the Earth

When popular local allotments are found to be polluted the question is who should be told and whether they should be closed down.

Further Adventures in Wonderland

The debate about the use of animals in medical research presented by some of the famous characters from the Lewis Carroll novel.


An angry farmer confronts his local MP on the question of genetically modified crops

                                                Teenage Pregnancy

A Bit of Respect

A sparky young woman challenges the assumptions of a couple of new and rather naïve medical students visiting her as part of their pregnancy project.


Doors Opening.. Doors Closing..

How does the grind of getting to work each day affect our health? A breakdown on the Tyneside Metro makes passengers think about how travelling to work affects their lives.

A Plane Ride Away

A look at some future health issues resulting from increased international travel and the fears and prejudices surrounding those issues. 

What People Say

Very moving and believable.

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For the Best

Since we did the workshops I’ve decided what I want to do.

Real McCoy

Really funny and a great teaching tool

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Whose Leg is it Anyway?

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