‘We struck gold in our partnership with Operating Theatre’ UK Public Health Association 


  ‘We really enjoyed the development process and got a lot out of this joint working. We were very happy with the production’

Frances Blackburn . Deputy Director of Nursing and Patient Services, Freeman Hospital. Newcastle upon Tyne NHS Foundation Trust. 

Script Service is a unique way of transforming your thoughts and ideas into a vibrant and instructional piece of drama to deliver your key message

Whether you are engaged in academic research or challenging scientific subject matter aimed at students, professionals or the wider public, live theatre and film can communicate in a highly focused and effective manner.

Our job is to take your work and bring it to life in a way that is both engaging and easily grasped. 

If you have a project that you believe would benefit from presentation through film or another digital medium please talk to us.  

After a free preliminary discussion, we can provide a script tailored precisely to your requirements. 

The success of our operation rests on the close working relationship we have with our clients, particularly the time spent on background research. This ensures the finished product is accessible to an audience unfamiliar with the subject matter,  while at the same time not devaluing the material by over simplification.

You may wish to take the completed script as the foundation on which to build your own production. There is also an option to take the project further with us, and we offer advice about moving into film or another digital platform. We work with a wide range of film makers and theatre professionals. Our 20 years of experience have given us the capacity to work to strict deadlines – taking a project from academic paper to finished product in any required time frame.

Our record speaks for itself. We have accumulated a substantial repertoire of work, much of which is accessible via our website. Our services are used by a range of organisations concerned with health and social care including the NHS, universities, research institutions and professional health care bodies – particularly those involved in medical education. Our ‘scripts’ have featured at conferences and other events and have been used in medical schools for teaching purposes.

Using drama as a teaching tool engages an audience very directly with the issues at hand. Unlike the use of case studies, in which an audience is expected to resolve an issue based upon a brief outline of events, a drama is longer and the characters are more ‘fleshed out’. It is a more collaborative effort in which the audience identifies more intimately with the characters and engages with the issues with more confidence.

After the initial free consultation, we will construct a package which addresses your requirements.

Operating Theatre, the organisation behind Script Services, is a charity run by health and performing arts professionals.

Let’s make something together.