What People Say

‘This is brilliant.. such a good way to learn..’ Baroness Sheila Hollins

‘Incredibly moving… really set out the reasons why we are trying so hard to improve the care for people with learning disabilities..’ Jane Cummings, Chief Nursing Officer, England

‘Amazingly fluent, poignant and unavoidable theatre…thought-provoking…emotional and incredibly moving Guy Bradley-Smith: Devon CCG Clinical Commissioning Lead for Learning Disability

‘Really powerful..’ Ann Chivers, Chief Executive, British Institute of Learning Disability

‘Very thought-provoking performance’ Lisa Molloy, Disability Partnership

‘The Annual Forum started spectacularly when we struck gold in our partnership with Operating Theatre…’ UK Public Health Association

‘Great to see theatre about things which closely affect our lives’ Fiona MacPherson, Northumbria University.

‘Fantastic… the passion with which the story was delivered… most memorable.. really excellent thank you..’ Audience feedback

‘Just brilliant. ..excellent way of provoking debate and discussion of alcohol related issues…fully realistic.. very effective…’ Alcohol Abuse Conference delegate

Realistic, hard-hitting, dramatic, engaging, really got the point across’ Medical Student

‘Emotional and incredibly moving. For The Best ..moved me to tears.’ Student Nurse

‘Very powerful work…any chance of you coming to Canada?’ Ann Fudge Schorman, Associated Professor McMaster University.