What’s happening?

It has been a busy time for Operating Theatre.

1st of March – In collaboration with Skimstone Arts we are proud to be part of the creation of a new piece called The Ties That Bind. Thanks to some development funding from Edinburgh University we are going to be exploring metaphor in dementia. How both those who are suffering from dementia and those who care for and support those people choose to express the shifting landscape that the condition creates. It’s very early days but it promises to be a really exciting project with live music, movement and a lot of surprises. The Ties That Bind will debut at the Theatre by the Lake in Keswick.
Future performance dates to follow.

26th and 27th of  February- As part of our ongoing programme of short dramas delivered to medical students Year 2 students watched White Lies a piece by Steve Chambers  It is a very moving piece about clinical error that really gets the students thinking about duty of candour and the fact that clinical error often comes about as a result of a whole chain of events. At the Stockton site the students craft an apology to the parent of a 30 week baby who may have been affected. This exercise is always challenging and stimulating for all involved.

16th of January – Letters Home originally created for Operating Theatre by Julia Darling was performed at the Medical School in Newcastle. It is a moving piece about anorexia and the impact of the condition on a family. Joy Sanders, who has played Grace, the mum in the piece, on several occasions, directed a very talented cast. This is part of our ongoing policy to draw on the strengths of those who have worked with us as performers and support them in developing other roles.

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