What will the future look like?

It has been a busy year for Operating Theatre. We have created several new pieces of live performance and film and are in the middle of a public engagement programme supporting the pioneering work of CANDO. Their aim is to create an implant that will help patients with focal epilepsy. If successful, the implant will transform the way people with focal epilepsy live their lives. The device aims to detect the unusual brain activity that accompanies a seizure and trigger diodes that will activate cells in the brain that have been made sensitive to light. This will in effect quell the seizure and avoid the patient suffering the debilitating effects that accompany a seizure. We are witnessing the future.

The ICONS programme, created by the Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh which is a day long programme for surgeons goes from strength to strength. Informed Consent is essential, and the informative and engaging sessions are helping to highlight the need to engage with patients at an early stage.

This year we have worked with some incredibly talented and dedicated health professionals and we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their generosity. What is abundantly clear is that the NHS depends on the skill and determination of thousands of clinicians and practitioners. We need to support them in every way that we can.

Our aim is to continue to seek new ways to engage with patients and other members of the public as well as health care professionals. The future belongs to all of us and we should be part of the discussion.


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